Column #92: My Third Xmas Column

Christmas Column

At my first siteco-meeting as chair(wo)man, I was so nervous that I asked around who wanted to write the first column, forgetting that the chairman is supposed to write the very first column of the academic year. I only realized that after we already published it. I think I might’ve broken a tradition! *dundunduuuuun*

As Christmas was nearing, I was preparing some Christmas articles for the website, when I stumbled upon some old columns of mine. I remember writing the Christmas column of last year as well and thought it would be funny to read and compare with this year’s Christmas. And guess what..

Apparently, I also wrote the Christmas column in 2018! That means that I’ll be writing the siteco’s Christmas column for the third time in a row! So, even though I broke the standard tradition of writing the very first column, I also created a new tradition in its place. #yayme

I’m very merry (ha, see what I did there) to share my new tradition with you guys and hope that you’ve enjoyed the holidays with the people you care about – even if it was only digitally. Hucbald hoog!

Christmas’ Eve

For the readers who didn’t read my older Christmas columns yet, my boyfriend and I like to go all out on food when it’s Christmastime. As meat lovers, we tend to focus more on the meats and “forget” about the veggies. Carbs like pasta, bread, and potatoes are always welcome on our table. But my point is that our Xmas dinner looks more like a meat fest.

With all the delicious snacks, meals and more in our fridge, it was hard for my housemates to control their lust and just eat all the Christmas food before Christmas. But good thing I’m the strict Surinamese auntie who runs this household with an iron fist! Long story short, I saved Christmas.

On Christmas’ Eve at 6 pm, it was finally time to begin cooking and eating! We started with a homemade salmon tartare, then a whole roasted chicken with mushroom sauce and some fries. After dinner, we decided to watch a romantic-but-not-too-sappy Christmas movie together. If you’re a fan of Emilia Clarke (and George Michael, obviously) then this is a MUST WATCH!
Not your typical Christmas romance.

First Day of Christmas

After sleeping in until almost 12 o’clock, we had a light Christmas lunch with eggs benedict, toast, and leftover smoked salmon. By the way, all the dishes so far were made by my boyfriend Deon. So, that’s something that’s still the same compared to my old Xmas columns – haha. And yes, most of the recipes he used are from Gordon Ramsey. His chef idol!

After lunch, we all just entertained ourselves for a few hours and took a nap in the evening. Around 6 pm, I wore a nice dress and went to a fancy dinner in my living room. This time I made an amuse-bouche from pâté, bacon, and caramelized shallots; and gnocchi as a side dish, which failed, so Deon had save it. He also cooked a beef wellington and duck breast fillet, and Julia helped wherever she was needed. Everything tasted amazing!

As a true horror fan, I wanted to watch a Christmas horror! Compared to my housemates, I’m a die-hard horror/thriller fan. I love ghosts, serial killers, witches, demons, and whatever fits in that lane. But to keep it friendly, I chose this “family-friendly” horror. And to compromise, we watched a Christmas comedy afterwards.
Do you dare to watch the trailer?
Such a feel-good movie with a great message!

Second Day of Christmas / Boxing Day

Because my horror choice was such a succes for Julia, she felt strong enough to do another one in the afternoon. To add some context, Deon and Julia are both too scared of thrillers and horrors and watch with their eyes closed. So, I was very pleased to have persuaded at least one housemate to the dark side. We watched the 2019-remake of Black Christmas!
A good action-packed horror with just a hint of black magic. #feminism

Our third Christmas dinner was mostly only leftovers, if only leftovers. This time I didn’t mess up the gnocchi and Deon was pleasantly surprised by my comeback. He prepared the leftover beef wellington and and as dessert we enjoyed Albert Heijn’s crème brûlées. Since I he wasn’t convinced to join the dark side of horrors with us, we watched our usual animation serie “Futurama“. To our surprise, the next episode to watch was a Christmas episode! What are the odds?

And that, my fellow Hucbaldians, was how I spent my Christmas. Even though the year 2020 might’ve been shit, don’t forget to still be thankful for little things that did go right.


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