On Tuesday, September 5th, 2023, the old board ‘À Volonté’ officially passed on the baton to the 83rd administration of study association Hucbald ‘Pro Vitae’ ! On this page, the board members briefly introduce themselves!



  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Commissaris Intern & Onderwijs
Noah Lefébure (he/him)


My name is Noah, I’m 22 years old and from The Hague. I’m the chair of the 83rd board of Hucbald! That means I will often give talks at the Hucbald activities, and even more often scream “Hucbald” – and then expect to hear back “HOOG” even louder. Besides that, I and the rest of the board are working hard to ensure everyone has a great year at Hucbald. I spend most of my free time listening to music and making music. I also studied music production in Berlin for a year before doing Musicology. In addition, I love watching films and going to concerts, so don’t hesitate to come and have a chat about your favourite film or artist sometime! I hope to see you all at the Hucbald activities!

Meike Broer (zij/haar)


Hi, I’m Meike, 19 years old and, despite my non-Brabantine accent, born and raised in Eindhoven, where I still (when possible) come home every weekend to see my favourite people. On weekdays I’m in Utrecht, with occasionally a pitstop in our fine house located in the not-even-that-grim neighbourhood Kanaleneiland.
Beyond that I like to unwind at a picnic or with a coffee on the plastic garden chairs (Kanaleneiland-core). I also do love my daily five minutes of creativity trying out new eyeliner, talking about whatever, I love going out (I wouldn’t call myself a real techno-owl though) and learning new things.
I’m really looking forward to our year on the board and we have lots of fun ideas for Hucbald, which we certainly won’t be able to realise in one year. Either way, we’re going to do our mega best to make this year as fun as possible for you (and also a bit for us).. : )

Marjolein Scheltens (zij/haar)


Hi, I’m Marjolein, this year the treasurer for the 83rd board of Hucbald.
I’ll do my best to distribute the money that Hucbald has available as best as possible among all the useful, but also especially fun activities that we organise!
I’m often found in the front row at a concert of one of my favourite artists, like Sam Fender, Hozier and Palaye Royale. There is also a big chance you’ll see me in the game store where I regularly go looking for a new addition to my collection that is getting out of hand. Besides that, I’m often at the thrift store, shopping for some vintage gems in clothes, or furniture to give my room a make-over. We are going to work hard to make this a cool year and who knows, maybe we’ll see eachother at one of the Hucbald activities, or ofcourse at one of the many concerts I go to! : )

Janna Sprong (zij/haar)


Hello!! I’m Janna and this year I’m Commissary of Internal Affairs and Education.
My free time is spent going to (hard)rock concerts and going crazy; If you’ve ever talked to me, you’re not escaping a conversation about moshing. Next to that, no street cat in Utrecht remains unpetted, and I’m occasionally busy creating knick-knacks (I’ll have a bit less time for that this year, unfortunately).
I kind of hate wearing a suit with passion, but I’ve set that aside to sit on the board of the nicest group of people I’ve ever met. Hucbald has brought me very much the past two years, and I hope to be able to give that all, and more, back to the study association and its members.

A Volonté
Name Functie
Jeroen Henderix Chair
Annelotte Marechal Secretary
Judith Wijers Treasurer
Anne Goorhuis Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Floris Luijendijk Chief Extern
Piu Mosso 81
Name Functie
Lenny Vullings Chair
Ezra Dekker Secretary
Sjoerd Thomassen Treasurer
Yente van Hulst Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Nikki Huitink / Dustin van Belzen Chief Extern
Con Spirito
Name Functie
Thomas Nicoll Chair
Yael van Waes Secretary
Yop Coolen Treasurer
Rosalie van Hinsbergen Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Yvette van Dusschoten Chief Extern
Non Troppo
Name Functie
Mirjam de Zwart Chair
Xue van Rijn Secretary
Fien van der Kaaij Treasurer

Schermafbeelding 2023 12 03 155507


Name Functie
Moira de Kok Chair
Paula Breeuwer Secretary
Cas Versluijs Treasurer
Femke Claessen Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Judith Hassink Chief Extern
Name Functie
Stan Schreurs Chair
Kristel van Soeren Secretary
Rinske Lerk Treasurer
Fleur Breems Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Kirsten Pennings Chief Extern
Bestuur 76
Name Functie
Olaf van der Aart Chair
Diantha Vreeken Secretary
Sonja Hamhuis Treasurer
Marjolein Wellink Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Roselinde Wijnands Chief Extern
Bestuur 75
Name Functie
Larissa Kaptijn Chair
Daniëlle Spaan Secretary
Djoeke Oeij Treasurer
Tim Stormer Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Michael Huijbregts Chief Extern
Bestuur 74
Name Functie
Eline Langejan Chair
Natascha Knobbout Secretary
Rosalie Zwart Treasurer
Nico Graat Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Anouk Bakker Chief Extern
Bestuur 73
Name Functie
Naomi Beijer Chair
Vera Vos Secretary
Maaike van der Wel Treasurer
Astrid Oosterhof Commissaris Intern en Onderwijs
Pauline Hunse Chief Extern
Bestuur 72
Name Functie
Clara van Meyel Chair
Nathalie Candel Secretary
Richard Sluijk Treasurer
Jora Vullings Commissaris Intern
Vera Ebergen Chief Extern
Name Functie
Rik de Graaf Chair
Katy Taylor Secretary
Lisanne van Griensven Treasurer
Karlijn Tange Commissiecommissaris
Name Functie
Tijsjoris Groot Chair
Rhodan ten Kleij Vice-voorzitter
Steven Senden Secretary
Esther Kouwenhoven Treasurer
Jeske van Hal Commissaris Intern
Tim Crins Chief Extern
Name Functie
Mathieu Rouwhorst Chair
Tijsjoris Groot Vice-voorzitter
Daniëlle de Roo Secretary
Isabel Franenberg Treasurer
Tim Crins Commissaris Intern
Jaap Jan Steensma Chief Extern
Name Functie
Merlijn Kerkhof Chair
Mirjam Warris Secretary
Pim Beliën Treasurer
Name Functie
Floris Schuiling Chair
Jan Nieuwenhuis Vice-voorzitter
Arthur Benschop Secretary
Jeske van Hal Treasurer
Name Functie
Monique van der Woude Chair
Anna Dieleman Secretary
Floor Groeneveld Treasurer
Name Functie
Avigail Baas Chair
Lotte van der Schoot Secretary
Marcel Korpel Treasurer
Edith van der Heijde
Name Functie
Rutger Helmers Chair
Elly (Gerritsen-) Kornet Vice-voorzitter
Frederik Advokaat Treasurer
Nicolle Maessen Ab-Actis Intern
Sanne Nijenhuis Ab-Actis Extern
Name Functie
Alexander Klapwijk Chair
Heleen van Bijlert
Gerrit Maas Treasurer
Liesbeth Heek
Noor Mertens
Name Functie
Anne Pagnier Chair
Hanneke Faber Secretary
Nienke van der Meulen Treasurer
Name Functie
Pieter van Os Chair
Niels Zeven Secretary
Anne Pagnier Treasurer
Name Functie
Sipke Hoekstra
Janos Koolen
Cato Langerweij
Pieter van Os
Name Functie
Tom Swart
Bas Jansen
Manix van Berchum
Name Functie
Nora Maartense
Marijke Loosekoot
Kitty Looten
Name Functie
Nora Maartense
Marijke Loosekoot
Kitty Looten
Danny Verver
Name Functie
Jennie Duif
Jan Jaap Zwitser
Jasper Berben
Name Functie
Sophie Blussé
Hanneke Queens
Alexandra Buys
Jean Paul Meyer
Martijn Govers
Name Functie
Marcel Duijs
Harold Schonewille
Desmond Haneveer
Alex Buyhorn
Jeanine Landheer
Name Functie
Anna Johanna Wester
Anouk Kloppert
Helma Kwast
Kees-Jan Butter