Master's degree programs

After the three-year bachelor of musicology, you can choose to specialize further and also follow a master's degree in musicology. There are two master studies in musicology in Utrecht: the Applied Musicology Master and the Research Master Musicology.

Applied Musicology

The master's degree lasts one year, during which you can earn 60 EC. The year consists of two semesters, both divided into two study periods. The programme consists of compulsory courses, electives, and a graduation project (internship and thesis). During the first semester you will take four compulsory courses, two of which are in The Musical Knack Lab, which focuses on the development of applied skills and research skills. The courses you take are Musical Infrastructure in an International Context, Current Musicology, Writing about Music and Staging Music: Programmes, Production, Policies, Pecunia. You can also choose two electives. In the second semester you spend time to your own individual final project. This is a research-oriented internship and a final thesis.

Research Musicology

This master's degree lasts two years, during which you can earn 120 ECs. Each year consists of two semesters with two study periods. In the first year you take a series of interdisciplinary and disciplinary compulsory courses, including Current Musicology, Perspectives on Music Historiography, Humanities Today, Utrecht Colloquia in the Musicologies and Musical Encounters. In the second and fourth study periods of the year you choose two electives consisting of research seminars and/or tutorials focused on your specific research interest. In the first semester of your second year you can study abroad, do an internship or take additional education. In the second semester you write your Master's thesis.

You can go in different directions with both master's degrees and you can complete your master's degree according to your own wishes. There are various electives you can choose from and there are various options for internships or studying abroad. In the two PDFs below you can see the complete study schedule with all possible courses and options for your master's degree. 

Research Musicology