Bloom out of your gloom

If you’re deep into the dreariness of existence during this period right before the holiday: well my friend, you are not alone. When we’re free to go out into the sun everyday and really relax again, it’s probably a lot easier to feel a bit less sad. But how to get through this last period when you are not at your best? Here are some pro-tips from Miss Gloomy herself.

           Go on a stupid walk for your stupid mental health

You’ve probably seen this advice a thousand times already and managed to not follow it just as many times (just like me). But seriously, this ALWAYS helps. I often feel like I don’t have time to actually go on a walk, but it’s already great if you just walk around the block for five minutes. And if you have a bit more time: try taking a longer walk and really relax. And if you want an extra mental health boost: go into nature and enjoy all the beauty around you. This is also a great thing to do later in the evening, because it can help you sleep better as well.

           Watch a cartoon series/movie

When I don’t feel like doing anything at all, I often gravitate towards old Disney movies. They always tend to give me the kind of distraction or even escapism I need at that moment. If you’re more into anime and that kind of stuff: I can highly recommend Studio Ghibli movies. You can watch them for free on the internet if you just google around a bit.

           Take a nap (but not for the rest of the afternoon/day)

Taking a nap can also do wonders for feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Sometimes sleeping is just the only thing you want to do at that moment and every now and then, we should give ourselves the freedom to actually do it. Even if it is the middle of the day. Do watch out though, because you want to prevent completely ruining your sleep schedule (even if it was ruined to begin with like mine lol). So try not to sleep the whole day, afternoon or evening away. Otherwise you will have no urge to go to bed again when it’s your actual bedtime.

           Get dressed

I don’t mean that you have to wear your best outfit everyday to feel a bit enlightened. Wearing anything that’s not your pyjamas will be sufficient. Just make sure you wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable. This will really help your mental health to feel more sane. It will also help with productivity: you will get a lot more done this way, because wearing your pyjamas will only demotivate you.

           Accept your feelings for what they are

This may be the hardest one of all. Feeling frustrated with yourself and desperately wishing you felt better will only make your mental state worse. Instead try this: say to yourself that it is totally okay that you feel awful right now. You’re only human and you can’t feel great every day. Really try to accept that you feel like this and allow yourself to feel it. If you do this, it will be easier to move on from the dreary feeling to something more positive. It can still be very hard though, so if you’re really frustrated with yourself about how bad you’re feeling, then try to accept this feeling. Baby steps : )

I hope these tips will help you to bloom out of your gloom. Most of these tips will not only help you to feel less sad, but they will also (hopefully) make you feel more productive, energetic and most importantly: happy.