A Word to the Master Students

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Hello and welcome to Hucbald,

In this article we will talk to you about our association, the activities we organise and how you can submit for Hucbald and how we keep you updated on everything we do.

Hucbald is the study associaton for bachelor students of musicology now for 81 years. The last years we are trying to organise more and more for masterstudents, because we believe that we can help and interact with each other in many ways. We organise a lot of activities, both for social and educational purposes.

In the field of educational purposes, we organize, among other things: symposia, lectures, company tours, workshops, a debate, thesis presentations and study sessions.

Social activities that we think will appeal to you are: family day, alumni day, alumni and teachers drink, a barbecue and a sustainability workshop. You can also come with us on our study trip, for example we went to Lisbon last year.

In addition, we have our Remembrance Day project every year, where you can sing in a choir or play in an orchestra. You will automatically see announcements about this project, the pieces we play and how you can register on our social media. All the anouncements and posts on our social media are bilingual.

Besides all these activities, there is much more that we do for you and that we can help you with. For example, we have close contact with study advisors, confidential advisers, bachelor and master students, alumni, and people in the musicological field.

You can register by going to www.hucbald.nl and then clicking on “word lid”. Here you can fill in a survey, after which you must transfer 20 euros to Hucbald.

Is there something not working with the registration? Is something unclear or do you have any questions? Send an email to hucbald@hucbald.nl. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram (@svhucbald) and on Facebook (Studievereniging Hucbald).

Thanks for your time and we’ll see each other at one of our activities.