About Utrecht

Besides studying, Utrecht is a great place for students. In no time the city will make you feel at home. There are a lot of unique cultural places, especially for the music scene. In this article you will find some tips on where to go.

The first thing you have to check out is TivoliVredenburg. This building houses five halls where you can visit all kinds of concerts and even a nightclub. They also started organizing ‘fan parties’ for specific artists, so now you can go out and scream along to your favorite artists with fellow fans, instead of waiting for the artist to go on tour. Every Thursday night they host a student night called ‘Dondernacht’: the genres vary a lot and the Dondernacht offers the stage to local DJ’s, collectives and creatives.
On Fridays, there are also free lunch break concerts centered around different genres like classical music or jazz.
For students who like classical concerts, ‘Pieces of Tomorrow’ is especially interesting. In these concerts, symphonies are presented to you in a new way. There is no dresscode, the musicians introduce the pieces they will play and there are visuals used to support the music.

If you’re looking for a place for cultural activities, you can go to Parnassos Cultuurcentrum. This cultural centre is particularly for students and offers courses in music, dance, theatre, etc. You can, for example take singing lessons or get taught how to play an instrument. Parnassos provides courses in different levels and offer great discounts for Utrecht University students. Besides taking courses, you can also rent a room to practice your musical skills.

Utrecht also offers shops where you can expand your musical collections. If you’re interested in cassettes, CDs or vinyls, we recommend Plato. With the Hucbald-keychain you receive a 10% discount on all of your purchases.
Would you rather spend your money on sheet music? You should visit Broekmans & Van Poppel. Here you also receive a discount with the keychain: 10% on all second hand sheet music.

There are many possibilities if you want to spend your evenings or nights out in the city centre of Utrecht. In Het Oude Pothuys and Ekko you can enjoy live music or a night out. Furthermore, there are a lot of pubs in Utrecht: Café ‘t Pandje (here our monthly Hucborrel takes place every the first Thursday of the month), Mick O’Connels, Café Hofman, Café de Stadsgenoot, ‘t Gras van de Buren, Café Olivier and Café Het Gegeven Paard (located in the building of TivoliVredenburg). Last but not least: Het Muzieklokaal. In this café they play classical music and have live performances every once in a while.

We hope you like these tips and see you soon in Utrecht!