Board and Committees

The Board
The board of 2022-2023 is the 82nd board of Hucbald, under the name ‘À Volonté’.
The 82nd board consists of five members:

Jeroen Henderix – Chairman
This year Jeroen Henderix is the chairman of Hucbald.
All the way from Den Bosch he comes to update you on hip-hop, jazz and funk, but also on food, drinks, poetry and abstract art.
His secret weapons are his questions and his answers to questions he once asked himself. So stop by and ask him something about himself, like his work as a bartender at theaters.
Just don’t mention musicals…

Annelotte Marechal – Secretary
Annelotte Marechal is the secretary of Hucbald this year. She grew up in a small village in Brabant. Her hobbies are Karate, going to concerts and festivals! Interesting is that she does not play any instrument.
Due to the book “1001 Albums you must have heard” Annelotte has gotten familiar with musicology. For questions about activities, the board and social media you can come to her.

Judith Wijers – Treasurer
Judith Wijers is this years treasurer for Hucbald. Being born in Berlin, she is the only not fully Dutch board member, but luckily being a Hucbladian almost counts as its own nationality. 
Going into this year with earlier experience in the Studyrip Committee, she is looking forward to all the activities other committees will organise for Hucbald this year. Judith is easily convinced to have a drink at the pandje or to dance away her energy and sing away her voice when going out. 
Overall, she is looking forward to this year as board member and is always happy to help in any situation.

Anne Goorhuis – Commissary of Internal and Educational Affairs
This year, Anne Goorhuis is Hucbald’s Commissioner of Internal & Education. A proud Amsterdam native who went to study in Utrecht against everyone’s expectations, but she is having a mega fun time here with fellow Hucbaldians. 
She is always up for a game of cards, visiting museums, discovering new music, speaks a word of Italian, and loves going out with friends. You can always approach Anne for a friendly chat and anything to do with studying.

Floris Luijendijk – Commissary of External Affairs
Let me introduce you to the Commissary of External Relations, Floris Luijendijk. Proudly born in the city of Leiden, you can always wake him up for a meal of hotchpotch (hutspot), and he’ll gladly talk about the ‘sleutelstad’.
He is also very passionate about the blues, Norse mythology and his amazing band called Rochel. If you have a question about any of these subjects, then he’ll certainly have an answer most of the time. So please stop by once in a while, and you can ofcourse always ask him other questions as well!

Hucbald would be nowhere without our amazing members and the committees they take place in!
Hucbald has seven committees and a band.

Alumni Committee – This committee is always busy with the alumni from Musicology in Utrecht, and makes sure Hucbald stays in touch with them. Every year they organise the ‘Alumnidag’, a day where members and alumni can meet up and talk about the future and life after studying Musicology. They also organise a ‘Bedrijvendag’, a day where we visit companies or institutions where alumni are currently working. They also organise the ‘alumniborrel’ (alumni drinks), an informal way for students to meet alumni.
The Alumni Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Floris Luijendijk – Chairman
Nynke Broekmeulen – Secretary
Aram Frankfort – Treasurer
Marjolein Wellink – Alumn-member

Party and Activity Committee – This committee organises a large part of the leisure activities that take place within Hucbald. Together with other study associations they organise parties throughout the year. Furthermore they take care of yearly activities like movie nights, a Christmas brunch, pubquizzes and much more!
The Party and Activity Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Kars van Schaik – Chairman
Nina Zwang – Secretary
Matti Mual – Treasurer
Midas van Schaik – Commissioner of Logistics and Location

Education Committee – The Education Committee takes care of, as the name implies, educational activities. They organise lectures, workshops and a symposium among others. Lectures take place twice a year, the symposium once and throughout the year lots of other interesting activities.
The Education Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Elyne Krakers – Chairwoman
Christina van Beek  – Secretary
Anton Bouwers – Treasurer
Puk Groos – PR-Commissioner
Hannah Pardede – General member

Introduction Committee – This committee makes sure first-year students get a warm welcome. They are responsible for the ‘meeloopdagen’, help at open days, matching days and other activities. They organise the Introduction Camp, a week packed with introductional activities together with their fellow first-years! The committee makes sure first-year students feel at home quickly in Utrecht and within Hucbald.
The Introduction committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Remy Mastbroek – Chairman
Meike broer – Secretary
Sem Schenk – Treasurer
Aram Frankfort – Mentor
Nina Zwang – Mentor
Kiki Munnichs – Mentor
Fenna Mulder – Mentor
André van Rossum – Mentor

Choir Committee – Since the choir practice was removed from the curriculum, Hucbald organises a remembrance project each year on the 4th of May. It was first organised in 2009 and it is now a set part of the Utrecht remembrance services. The Choir Committee has the honour to organise this project. They take care of the sponsors, mobilise the orchestra and look for choir members. The choir consists mainly of inexperienced singers and everyone is welcome to join the choir, there are no auditions! The past years we have sung requiems by Cherubini, Mozart, Duruflé, Verdi, Saint-Saëns and Fauré.
The Choir Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Rosalie van Hinsbergen – Chairwoman
Jesse Ruijs – Secretary
Yael van Waes – Treasurer
Aiden de Wit- Choir Commissioner
Sophie Hazeu – Orchestra Commissioner
Farah Winters – PR-commissioner

Study Trip Committee – Each year Hucbald has a study trip in the lecture-free week after the exam week of block 3. This committee takes care of the trip, from choosing a destination, to making sure we have a place to sleep, to fun activities. Previous years Hucbald has visited Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Glasgow, Lisbon, Vienna, Madrid, Rome and Prague.
The Study Trip Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Marjolein Scheltens – Chairwoman
Puk Groos – Secretary
Jorian de Vries– Treasurer
Chiara Huizing – Commissioner of Logistics and Residence
Noah Lefebure – Commissioner of Activities

Podium Committee – This committee organizes the open mic nights and the Classical Evening. Because the study of musicology is not very focused on performing music by ourself, these evenings are the perfect opportunity to show your musical talents to fellow students.
The Podium Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Reimer Ikink – Chairman
Hannah Pardede – Secretary
Pieter Nolet – Treasurer
Daan van der Pol – Commissioner of Logistics and Location
Max Eising – PR-Commissioner

Website Committee – This committee takes care of the content of this website and makes sure it is up to date! The members write fun articles, but if you have an idea for an interesting article or a nice column, you can always contact them.
The Website Committee 2022-2023 consists of:
Janna Sprong – Chairwoman and Technical editor
Twan Swagten – Secretary
Annelote Marechal – Final editor and Treasurer
Jikke Paternot – General member
Meike Broer – General member
Sasha Groep – General member
Mandy Heijligers – General member

Hucband – The Hucband is a small collective of students who occasionally meet to make music together. They perform at open mic nights, the annual Family Day and other activities.