Board and Committees

The Board

The board of 2021-2022 is the 81st board of Hucbald, under the name ‘Più Mosso’.
The 81st board consists of five members:

  • Lenny Vullings – Chairman
    This year’s chairman is Lenny Vullings. This Limburgish drummer with a severe lack of football talent, lives for his love for associations. With experience in the party committee, he knows how to keep Hucbald fun. Besides this, he is part of the organisation of the Netherlands’ oldest music festival: Walhalla Zomerfeesten (not Pinkpop: that’s fake news).
    Favourite music: alternative rock, delta blues, folk
    Least favourite music: everything from a musical
  • Ezra Dekker – Secretary
    Ezra Dekker is the newest secretary of Hucbald. This 20-year-old North-Holland born is one of the youngest on this year’s board. Last year, Ezra fullfilled the role of secretary in the website committee. This year, they will be the final editor. Ezra is always singing, and by that means always ready for a jam session, or for a sweet conversation. That is what they are for! And, of course, for questions about subjects such as activities, social media and the board.
  • Sjoerd Thomassen – Treasurer
    Sjoerd Thomassen fulfills the role of treasurer at Hucbald and keeps the finances in order this year. Sjoerd comes from Bakel in Brabant and is a real Burgundian: when the keg is empty, you can also make him very happy with a good glass of wine or a nice glass of whiskey. He is a percussionist at heart, and as a percussionist it is difficult for him to sit still. As a programmer for the Walhalla Zomerfeesten, Sjoerd scouts beautiful rock acts for the festival stage, but in his spare time you make him happiest with jazz.
  • Yente van Hulst – Commissary of Internal and Educational Affairs
    The position of commissary of internal and educational affairs will be filled by Yente van Hulst this year. Yente is born and raised in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, but nowadays, she is living in the beautiful place Utrecht. She is 18 years old and because of this she is the youngest member of Più Mosso. In her spare time, she often goes to the theatre. She also loves to sing and make music or dance until the wee hours. This year, you can go to Yente with questions about education or committee related affairs, but obviously also just to chat.
  • Nikki Huitink – Commissary of External Affairs
    Nikki Huitink busies herself in her third year with the function of commissary of external affairs. She was born in Hilversum, but brought in the lovely Apeldoorn, where she early on found her love for singing and music. This love has been kept satisfied in the previous years when she organised the yearly Hucbald Remembrance concert as choir and orchestra commissioner. This year, Nikki will strive for bettering the connection between Hucbald, her alumni, and other external contacts now that social times finally seem to return. She also holds musical theater dear to her heart. 


Hucbald would be nowhere without our amazing members and the committees they take place in!
Hucbald has seven committees and a band, the Hucband.

Alumni Committee – This committee is always busy with people who graduated from Musicology in Utrecht, who are called ‘Alumni’ and make sure Hucbald stays in touch with its alumni. Every year they organise the ‘Alumnidag’, a day where members and alumni can meet up and talk about the future and life after studying Musicology. They also organise a ‘Bedrijvendag’, a day where we visit companies or institutions where alumni work. Since a couple years, there is an ‘alumniborrel’, alumni drinks, as well, an informal way for students to meet alumni.
The Alumni Committee 2020-2021 consists of:
Jeroen Henderix – Chairman
Nikki Huitink – Secretary
Madelief La Vos – Treasurer
Thomas Nicoll – Assessor
Stan Schreurs – Alumn-member

Party and Activity Committee – This committee organises a large part of the leisure activities that take place within Hucbald. Together with other study associations they organise parties throughout the year and they are responsible for the Open Mic nights. Furthermore they take care of yearly activities like movie nights, a Christmas brunch, the ‘Sinterklaasborrel’, pubquizzes and a lot more!
The Party and Activity Committee 2020-2021 consists of:
Rosalie van Hinsbergen – Chairwoman
Britte Koster – Secretary
Aiden de Wit – Treasurer
Reimer Ikink – Commissioner of Logistics and Location
Max Eising – PR-Commissioner

Education Committee – The Education Committee takes care of, as the name implies, educational activities. They organise lectures, workshops, symposia and other activities that are educational, as well as fun. Lectures take place twice a year, the symposium once and in between there are lots of other interesting activities.
The Education Committee 2020-2021 consists of:
Joanne van Dalen – Chairwoman
Annelote Marechal – Secretary
Elyne Krakers – Treasurer
Noah Léfébure – PR-Commissioner

Introduction Committee – This committee makes sure first-year students get a warm welcome. They are responsible for the ‘meeloopdagen’, help at open days, matching days and other  activities. They also organise the Introduction Camp, a week that many musicologists still remember! Together, the committee makes sure first-year students feel at home quickly in Utrecht and with Hucbald.
The Introduction committee 2019-2020 consists of:
Eva Kalsbeek – Chairwoman
Janna Sprong – Secretary
Yael van Waes – Treasurer
Anton Bouwens – Mentor
Puk Groos – Mentor
Hannah Pardede – Mentor
Marjolein Scheltens – Mentor

Remembrance Committee – Since the choir practice was removed from the curriculum, Hucbald organises a remembrance project each year on the 4 th of May. It was first organised in 2009 and it is now a set part of the Utrecht remembrance services on the 4 th of May. The Remembrance Committee has the honour to organise this project. They take care of the sponsors, mobilise the
orchestra and look for choir members. The choir consists mainly of inexperienced singers and everyone is welcome in the choir, there are no auditions! The past years requiems by Cherubini,
Mozart, Duruflé, Verdi, Saint-Saëns and Fauré have been sung and last year we performed the special piece ‘A Child of Our Time’ by Michael Tippett. The Remembrance Committee 2020-2021 consists of:
Maria Zwartbol – chairwoman
Britte Koster – secretary
Fien van der Kaaij – treasurer
Nikki Huitink – choir and orchestra commissioner
Twan Swagten – PR-commissioner

Choir Committee
Romy Holman – Chairwoman
Coen van Baalen – Secretary
Esmée Soetekouw – Treasurer
Lieke Bos – Choir Commissioner

Study Trip Committee – Each year Hucbald has a study trip in the education-free week between block 3 and 4. The committee takes care of this trip, from choosing a destination, to making sure we have a place to sleep, to fun activities. Previous years Hucbald has visited Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Glasgow, Lisbon, Vienna, Madrid, Rome and Prague.
The Study Trip Committee 2020-2021 consists of:
Annefleur Vis – Chairwoman
Anne Goorhuis – Secretary
Judith Wijers – Treasurer
Isobel Zijlstra – Commissioner of Logistics and Residence

Website Committee – This committee takes care of the content of this website and makes sure it is up-to-date! The members write fun articles, but if you have an idea for an interesting article or a nice column, you can always contact them.
The Website Committee 2020-2021 consists of:
Caya van Toorn – Chairwoman
Jesse Ruijs – Secretary
Farah Winters – Treasurer/Technical editor
Ezra Dekker – Final editor
Annelotte Marechal – General member
Fariel Soeleiman – General member
Aiden de Wit – General member

Hucband – The band members take care of the music themselves. They performed at Open Mic nights, the annual Family Day and other activities.