ALV – stands for “algemene ledenvergadering”, literally “general assembly of members”: since Hucbald is an association, we are obligated to host at least one ALV a year. Usually, Hucbald hosts three per year. One is for evaluating the first half of the schoolyear for Hucbald, one is for voting in a new board, and one is for inaugurating that board. Our ALVs are in Dutch.

Borrel/Hucborrel – many study associations struggle with translating the word “borrel”. “Drinks” is the most common translation; a “borrel” is a social event with a large group of people, usually in a pub. It is associated with alcoholic drinks (a “borrel” can also mean an alcoholic drink), although it is unusual for people to get extremely drunk: it is a social event after all. Hucbald’s popular monthly drinks are called “Hucborrels”. They are hosted once a month on the first Thursday starting at 9PM in local pub, ‘t Pandje. There are plenty of people in our association who drink little or no alcohol, so don’t feel pressured to do so! It is mostly an event where people meet to catch up about their lives and have a good time together.

Broekmans & van Poppel – one of our sponsor partners. Broekmans sells sheet music, new and used, and is located in the Minrebroederstraat. With a Hucbald keychain, you can get a 10% discount on used sheet music.

Broodjes – “broodjes” are funny expressions said by members of Hucbald. Other members often write them down and send them in to the website committee, who post them on our website ( Unfortunately, most of our broodjes are in Dutch, though we welcome broodjes in other languages as well! The phrase “alle mensen willen broodjes” (all people want bread) was, famously, the first broodje, and is a mistranslation of Beethoven’s “alle Menschen werden Brüder”.

Constitutieborrel/consti/cobo – a “constitutieborrel” (often referred to as “consti” and “cobo”) is an event that takes place after a new board of the study association has been inaugurated. Many study associations in Utrecht organise this, though some do not. The basic premise is that previous Hucbald boards and boards of other study associations will formally congratulate the new board and give them a gift. The congratulating boards form a line as dictated by a “herald”, where a lot of pushing and shoving might take place as boards try to get to the front. Once a board has congratulated the new Hucbald board, they are allowed to steal gifts, board members, the “herald” or his attributes; in return, the new board must do them a favour. Also, it is organised in a pub and there is free beer until the keg runs out.

Commissie – Hucbald has seven committees, which organise different activities for the association throughout the year. You can find a short introduction of them at Our committees have traditionally been in Dutch, though we are open to accepting international students into our committees.

Eazie – one of our sponsor partners. Eazie sells healthy Asian food for a good price and is located in the Voorstraat. With a Hucbald keychain, you can get a 10% discount on any of their food and drinks.

Ekko – A small concert and club venue located on the Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde. The Faculty of Humanities occasionally organises parties here for the study associations of its faculty. It also hosts concerts and serves food a few days a week.

Hucbaldhok/HBH – literally translating to “Hucbald shack” (“HBH” is an abbreviation), it is the name of the room the university provides for us. Located in the Muntstraat 2a/Krommenieuwegracht 20 building on the third floor, it is our small, yet cosy – and a little messy – living room. Every weekday, you can find a board member there during their “Huctijd”. It is the perfect place to study, socialise, or simply spend time in between classes with a free cup of tea, coffee or cocoa.

Hucbaldiaan – this is the name for a member of Hucbald, and can be translated to “Hucbaldian” in English.

Huctijd – every weekday, a member of the board sits in the Hucbaldhok for three hours (either from 10AM – 1PM or 1PM – 4PM) to host other Hucbaldians. This is what we call a “Huctijd” (“Huctime”). You can find the current “Huctijden” of this period on the website.

Koorproject/Herdenkingsconcert – “koorproject” literally means “choir project”; it describes Hucbald’s annual project of organising a “Herdenkingsconcert” (“Remembrance Day Concert”) on May 4th, the National Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. The organisation is in the hands of our Remembrance Day committee. Everyone is welcome to join the choir, regardless of experience. For more information, see

K-Sjot – a semi-legendary party venue on the Oudegracht. It was closed down for a few months, yet opened again in October 2018 with Hucbald’s Wisselfeest (a party celebrating the inauguration of the new Hucbald board). It is known for its dingy charm and the memories of many parties held there where everyone thought, “Wow, that escalated quickly.”

Het Muzieklokaal – Het Muzieklokaal (literally, “the music classroom”) is a café on the Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde. It serves drinks and food, but most importantly, it only plays classical music through its speakers. What better place for a musicologist to go for a drink?

The Music Space – one of Hucbald’s partners. This is a place where you can hire practice rooms. With a special discount code you will get 10% off. Do you want this code? Send an e-mail to

’t Pandje – this is Hucbald’s “stamkroeg” (a local pub where we always go to), located in the Nobelstraat. Once a month, we organise our “Hucborrel” here. It is also one of our sponsor partners: you can get a 10% discount on a pitcher of Heineken here with your Hucbald keychain.

Plato – another one of Hucbald’s sponsor partners. It is a record store located in the Voorstraat and it sells any genre from pop to classical and from “world music” to jazz. With a Hucbald keychain, you can get a 10% discount on any purchase.

Studievereniging vs. studentenvereniging – A lot of international and Dutch people are confused about the difference between a “studievereniging” (study association) and a “studentenvereniging” (student association or fraternity/sorority). The basic difference is that study associations are only open to students pursuing a certain course at the university, while student associations are open to any student. There are many different types of student associations, ranging from sports and arts associations to fraternities and sororities. As opposed to fraternities and sororities, Hucbald does not obligate its members to participate in activities. Everything is completely optional with us! We also try to be as inclusive as possible (also regarding the consumption of alcohol) and we do not have a “recruitment” period where aspiring members have to go through all sorts of humiliating things.

TivoliVredenburg – Utrecht’s main music building. It hosts everything from pop to classical to jazz music, but also lectures, festivals and other activities. Sometimes, Hucbald can organise a group discount on tickets for its members.