Life in a Student Association

When you first come to the Netherlands, one thing that can really strike you is how many associations there are. You can basically search for anything you’re interested in and there will surely be an association. Study associations are very common at University and play a big role in students’ lives. There are also what we call student associations, which are open for all students, and mostly organize fun activities, but a study association, while organizing similar activities also provides members with study-oriented activities, like lectures, symposia, study trips abroad or alumni days.

Being member of such an association is really fun and enriching. Hucbald organises at least one activity per week, which gives you plenty of choices to go to what you like. Every first Thursday of the month, drinks are organised in ‘t Pandje, our regular pub, which gives the opportunity to catch up with other members, and just casually discuss how life is going. You really get to know a lot of people, which is also useful for networking! A lot of us found an internship via Hucbald members. You are also free to come to the base during coffee hours, which we call “huctijden” in between lectures or seminars.

There is the possibility to get more involved in the association, by applying for committees, and help organize the activities. From parties to lectures, organising the yearly concert or writing articles for the website there are lots of possibilities for all personalities! If you commit to one of these groups you get together once a week, or every few weeks and discuss ideas, make a plan and delegate tasks. It is the perfect way to learn a lot about teamwork and to bond with the other members. The sense of community and shared interests are what really makes the association special. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join.