Privacy Policy


This privacy policy will explain the processing of personal information of Study Association Hucbald’s members, the ends to which this information is used and why it is important this information is processed.

Personal information

Listed below are the personal data that Study Association Hucbald processes. Study Association Hucbald only processes normal personal information, unless special personal information relating to health issues are necessary for activities such as the Introduction Camp or the Study Trip.

Normal personal information

  • Name
  • Place of residence
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

Data processing

Personal information is collected when registering as a new member of Study Association Hucbald. The data will be registered in a Google Drive document and can be altered at the request of the member in question. The board of Study Association Hucbald is the only entity authorised to process these data, unless a member takes part in an activity such as the Study Trip, where personal data can be shared with external parties. When a member ends their membership of Study Association Hucbald, their data will be removed from the member list.

Ends of processing

The general end of processing Study Association Hucbald’s members’ personal data is to create an association that is involved with the Musicology course at Utrecht University. To achieve this, communication with the members is of the utmost importance. Below, the processing of each segment of personal data will be further explained in relation to this general end.

  • Name: needed to identify individual members
  • Place of residence and address: needed to send mail
  • Email address: needed to send emails
  • Date of birth: needed to send birthday cards

The parties involved

The board of Study Association Hucbald is responsible for processing its members’ data. The head processor is the board of Study Association Hucbald’s secretary. The person who wants to become a member is the provider of their personal data, and Study Association Hucbald is the receiver of these data. In some cases, Study Association Hucbald will be the provider of its members’ data, for example when data have to be given to external parties for the Study Trip.

Importance of data processing

It is important for Study Association Hucbald to process its members’ data, because this is needed for creating an involved and active association which centres around social and educational activities. To achieve this, it is important that members can be reached out to, so they have the chance to get involved with the association.

Locations of processing

The personal data will only be processed within The Netherlands. The only exception is the Study Trip, where it may be necessary to provide a hostel or other institution (e.g. for activities) with personal information.

Technique and method of processing

Registering as a new member of Study Association Hucbald happens via Google Forms, on a secure website. After filling out the form, the data will be automatically saved in a Google Drive document. If necessary, these data can be altered manually by Study Association Hucbald’s secretary. Email addresses will also be saved in Gmail’s contact list.

Storage period

As soon as a member discontinues their membership of Study Association Hucbald, the secretary of the board of Study Association Hucbald will remove their personal data. Data that are necessary for specific activities, such as the Introduction Camp and the Study Trip, will be deleted immediately after the activity.

Legal basis

The data processing done by Study Association Hucbald are based on the following legal bases:

  • The person involved has consented to the processing of their data for one or more specific ends;
  • The processing is necessary for the execution of an agreement where the involved person is a party, or to take measures at the request of the involved person to decide on an agreement.

Special personal information

Special personal information will only be collected at specific activities such as the Study Trip or the Introduction Camp. Although the GDPR forbids processing special personal information, it includes the following exceptions:

  • The person involved has explicitly consented;
  • The processing is necessary to protect vital interests of the person involved or another person.