Bowlingqueen: an evening with the siteco


After a long, covid-related delay, it was finally time for a fun group activity with the website commission! Or, as I decided to call it, our ‘suitje’. We decided to go bowling in Utrecht, as you probably already guessed from the title. When we were all there we went inside and divided ourselves over two different alleys. Since Jesse brought his boyfriend, we had two even teams of four against four. 

When we started we all had to get the hang of it again, because it had been a long time since we last bowled. But after a while, everyone rediscovered their old techniques. It was so fun to see how different everyone handled the game. Justin threw the hardest of all of us: their arm went so high sometimes it even went above their head (just like their attitude after they had thrown a strike ;). All of my throws had a deviation to the left, because I always make a little jump before I throw for some reason. Everytime Aiden threw a ball, it hit the ground so hard that we could feel a little earthquake. You could even say that they ‘came in like a wrecking ball’. And Annelotte bowled like an absolute pro, even though she told us before we started that she wasn’t that good (all lies, cause she did great). Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot less of the bowling techniques of the others, cause they were in the other alley. But from the scores I could see that they were also very much evenly matched, which made for an exciting game. 

In the meantime we were close to finishing up our drinks, so we tried to order new ones. The only problem was that the waither kept ignoring us. Fariel told me that the waitress did ask us if we wanted more when we still had drinks, but when our glasses ran empty, the waitress was nowhere to be seen. After twisting our necks by looking at the bar and demonstrative waves with our arms, we were finally able to order a second round.

Since we’re musicologists, it didn’t take us very long before we made up a music related inside joke. Because Annelotte was outdoing us all with her amazing bowling skills, we started calling her the ‘bowlingqueen’. So before we knew it we were singing things like: ‘you can boooowl, you can throw!!’ Thank you ABBA, for your songs are always applicable to every situation.

During the activity we of course started talking about how great our commission is (since we’re very humble). We also realised that our commission must be one of the most diverse commissions Hucbald has to offer: only by looking at sexuality and gender identity, we check lots of different boxes and then we haven’t even started to talk about all of our different interests… At the end of the night, I think we all felt fullfilled and were really glad that we could all be together in real life again, after a few months of online meetings. Basically what I wanna say is: siteco, you’re the best!