Focusing on the good

Genre always seems to be a controversial topic. Up until my high school years I never much considered the genre I was listening to. Growing up, we listened to music quite often. In the mornings, on the radio or while making dinner. I recognised most of the songs my parents played and sang along often. My dad showed me some of my favourite albums and songs that might not have been every seven year olds first choice. Switching to high school when I was eleven, most people in my grade where new faces to me, new people I had to meet and impress. Music made our a big part of this transition.  Suddenly it seemed like everybody was talking about their favourite genres and their music tastes. Being the impressionable young girl I was, I felt like I had to conform to a certain standard sound everyone else was listening to. While I probably enjoyed the music I listened to then, mostly charts and popular music, I forgot about the songs my parents showed me when I little, the music I grew up with. Now, that seems to be the only music I listen to anymore. All the German music I listened to as a child, my dad’s (progressive) rock albums and other music playing on a regular level have now made their way back into my playlists. 

Because of this change in my taste and the confidence I’ve found in my own opinion, I find it hard to pinpoint my favourite genre. I listen to a broad variety of music, connecting to different genres on different levels. I collect songs that I like without looking into their origin much. Nowadays that seems to be a weird occasion again with everyone micro analysing their favourite music and placing themselves into another tiny narrative of sound. Introducing tik tok and other  social media into this mix, with everyone being able to share their obscure tastes and opinions, the broad spectrum of genres grows and grows. 

I don’t think I really believe in genres that much anymore. Music should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone without excluding artists and listeners because of the type of music they make or listen to. Music is meant to connect people and genres mostly contribute to their devision, causing groups to form that only exist to battle other groups with different opinions or tastes. When you hear a new song, your first thought most likely isn’t the question of genre, but whether you like it or not. Why don’t we focus on the positive in music, focus on enjoyment rather than a choice in genre and enjoy the diversity genre can create.