New year, new siteco

Siteco Intro Cover

Right – Sunday evening, listening to Tigran Hamasyan – perfect conditions to write a welcome message.

New study year, new Hucbald, new website committee. And I am the new chairwoman for the siteco this year! That largely means I have more responsibilities, and I have to keep some back-end stuff in check. And, as from everyone else in the siteco (and beyond – we’re open to ideas and guest pieces!), you’ll probably see some articles written by me throughout the year.

As for how the website is going to change: the plan is to mostly stick to the direction of last year’s great makeover. The main concern right now is accessibility, especially when it comes to our non-Dutch speaking audience and the English portion of the website. Also, there are still some parts of the site that could be tidied up a bit.

Overall – expect lots of content and updates from us again. News on Hucbald activities, at some point our own blogbattle (hopefully with a bit more submissions than last year’s? that’s up to you I guess…), and, of course, biweekly articles.

Thank you again for visiting the Hucbald website. If you have any suggestions, put them in the suggestion box (the form is on the main page) – or talk to one of us.

See you soon here on the internet!

— Sasha