On the creative process, and creative ability 

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The creative process, and the creative ability, is weird. At one point there’s nothing, then there is a thing – arguably a thing that holds intellectual value. (And They saw that it was good, etcetera etcetera.) 

The creative process, and with that the creative ability, is sure a chaotic one. No coherent thoughts, almost no full creative products that are created in one go. Only fragments of goodness, moments of clarity. (I hope that
                                                                                                                                                 it is understood
                                                                                                                            I mean.) 

The creative process, as a development of the creative ability, is not standardised. Sometimes I want to do it this way, and sometimes that doesn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. 

The creative process, despite everyone having a form of creative ability, is very difficult. I want to do s o m e t h i n g but I just cannot think of it. 

The creative process, discovering your creative ability, is fun. Messing with words and pitch and colour and shApe provides a spark of joy, at least in (me). 

The creative process, and within that, using your creative ability, is something you should try out. 

“On the creative process, and creative ability”, this article, is a thinly veiled attempt at promotion. It is, in fact, an advertisement for this year’s Write Fight (Schrijfstrijd) held by the website committee, which you can still join and submit for until the end of March 15th, 2024

“On the creative process, and creative ability” is an example for the sort of text you could write for cette Write Fight mentioned above. However, 

Your creative process, and your creative ability, is different from mine. You could, and in fact I’d encourage you to, write something completely different. The things that you make are products of your [creativity]. 

The creative process, stimulated by your creative ability, is an opportunity to play and experiment with FORM and function and words and L e t t e r s. 

The creative process is art. 

The creative process is your creative process. 

The creative process is you

So be weird, be chaotic, be unstandardised, be difficult, have fun, do try, do join (if you want to), be different, be experimental, be artful and be yourself.