student project vacancy: archives intro in situ 1948 – 2023

Scherm Afbeelding 2024 02 05 Om 09.13.38

Inventory of Intro in Situ archives
In 2024, our 40-year anniversary year, Intro in Situ will start an inventory study of the archive. Then in 2025-2028 we will archive, looking for innovative forms of digitization. The central question of this multi-year research project is: how do we make the archive productive, how do we recycle this modern cultural heritage in such a way that young and mid-career composers and musicians can work with it? Besides making the recordings passively available, we want to make a selection of the recordings available under Creative Commons, as raw material for young creators. A form of modern cultural heritage recycling. The main goal of this student project is to inventory the audio and video audio archive material of Intro in Situ 1984-2023. This goal can be translated into the following sub-goals:

What relevant (audio) material of Intro in Situ between 1984 and 2023 is available?
Where is this material located?
In what condition is the material located?
What forms of publication are appropriate to disclose the available material?

A report and presentation could result from this trajectory in which the above questions are addressed. In line with this, the report could also reflect on current national and international developments in the field of archiving and digitizing contemporary music and sound art archives. In conclusion, the report could contain concrete follow-up steps.
Interested? Send your CV and substantive motivation (max. 1 A4) to