Jikke’s month may in music

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Another month has passed us this year and it is already May, which is a beautiful month because I was born in it. Nevertheless this time of year might also bring us warmer weather, less seasonal depression and more drinks outside on a ‘’terrasje’’. I say might because these things are unfortunately never promised in the Netherlands, the historical convention of bad weather in May might strike again. One thing we can always be certain of is our yearning for summer to fully come into form this month, as it always does. The music I listened to this month proves that I have been manifesting the summer for some time now. Music from places with significantly warmer climates than here just really help me get into the right mood to dance and actually enjoy life. With that said, I pray for a good amount of sun this month, with enough vitamin D and happiness for all of us, and I hope this music might help you manifest with me.

I have gathered some general music within certain genre bounds. However, the emphasis is more on the sunny and warm feel of the music, not so much on the correct representation of a certain country, area or genre. 


You might only recognize Salsa as music to do a very intimidating dance to, which proves very challenging for many not-Latin American people. Even so, salsa is actually great music to get you to move your body in any capacity, it doesn’t have to be in perfect rhythm. I love to turn on some salsa while cooking or cleaning just to keep my body in the flow of movement. I say salsa like it’s just one genre but nothing could be further from the truth, many influences from many distinct places make salsa sounds very different all over the world. I have gathered some of my favourites, give them a listen and a dance. Salsa is also super intricate lyrically, as well as it is rhymically. If you like a song translating it is super worth it. 

Arabic ladies

A scene of pop music that I really enjoy is that of Arabic speaking countries. I recognize that, exactly like I did with salsa, this is a huge geographical generalisation. I mostly make that generalisation because I want to inspire you to discover this type of music yourself and not only listen to my examples. Nonetheless, I can honestly say that I love the Arabic women in pop music making the most beautiful, emotional and dramatic ballads. You can imagine music like that from Adele, Rihanna and Beyonce but with traditional instruments and the beautiful Arabic language, in all its dialects. Never mind the absolute poetry that lyrics in Arabic make, as heard in my favourite song lyrically, ‘’Inta Eyh’’ by legend Nancy Ajram;

What are you?

Is it not enough that you hurt me? shame on you, what are you?

My love, why are my tears of no value for you?

And why do I accept that you hurt me when my soul is in you?

And why am I accepting this torment at your hands?

What are you?


We all know and most likely love reggae as we know it from Jamaica. Yet again, I here encourage you to look further. Reggae from other places in the world is definitely worth listening to! I recently discovered this genre of music from Brazil (super surprising I know) and broader Latin America. It has the same good vibes and a beer in the sun feel but combined with Spanish or Portuguese which gives just a bit more of that summer feel. My favourite group is Natiruts, from Brasília. This music is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser if you are sitting in the sun and get asked to put some music on.