UNDER CONSTRUCTION – The site will be getting a makeover!


Finally it’s happening, an overhaul of our official website! I was very set on being the chairman of the site committee this year so I could turn the entire thing upside down. Lots of information is cluttered together and the overall look of it could be so much better. The Hucbald website is the online representation of our study association after all, so renewal was definitely overdue. A good looking and easy to navigate through website possibly means more interested future students that are willing to join us in the beautiful world of musicology.

I thought it would be easy, a new background color, a new font, just some quick cosmetic changes. Boy was I wrong… I have zero experience in website maintenance. It is a mess in the editor pages. WordPress is definitely not the easiest to work with, but it’ll have to do. I like a challenge and this will be something new and fun to learn. Luckily I found a very useful blog that explains how to rebuild everything from scratch. Now I’ll just hope I don’t accidentally delete the entire website.

Not a lot of people send us pictures to use for the Photocorner, so overnight I have dubbed myself as the unofficial Hucphotographer. In a few weeks you might see me at the Drift taking a picture of the ceiling as a background for the site, or at future events such as the next open mic. At the end of the academic year the site committee will compile a giant photo album of all the pictures we have made together, so we can reminisce about this already amazing year.

We are incredibly excited to show you our plans, but for now it will stay a secret. Check the site once in a while, perhaps you will notice some subtle changes in the near future (;